The Gartside Gardens Community Lantern Exhibition


24th September - 29th October



Gartside Gardens Basketball Court (Kincardine Rd, Manchester M13 9WN)



More info/Book a place:

The Gartside Gardens Community Lantern Exhibition began its month-long exhibition on 24 September 2022.  This exhibition is a community engagement event, with Lightime CIC hosting workshops and providing lanterns for the participating citizens to paint and display their works to the public. 

Community groups that will participate in the workshops include:

  • Wai Yin Society
  • Lightime CIC Hongkongers Family
  • Brunswick Estate Community Group
  • Brunswick Village
  • Brunswick Church
  • M13 Hongkongers Neighbours Group

In addition, on 29 October 2022, there will be a Halloween celebration – more details of this will follow.