10GM Resources for Arrivals

10GM have created a resource pack for arrivals to Greater Manchester.

10GM Resources for Arrivals (10gm.org.uk)

“Charities, community groups, faith organisations and social enterprises across Greater Manchester are committed to taking a collaborative approach to supporting all those fleeing persecution and adversely affected by their immigration status, including those impacted by the horrific events occurring in Afghanistan and Ukraine. We aim to provide ongoing support, resources, and information to arrivals, hosts and organisations across GM.

As the horrific events occurring in Afghanistan and Ukraine have unfurled, we began to share a weekly resources email to the organisations across GM to share information and resources for arrivals, hosts, and organisations who may be supporting refugees and asylum seekers. We then chose to compile all the information into one source to be publicly available. As a result, the resources on these pages are mostly related to the Afghanistan and Ukraine contexts – however, there are some links that may be applicable to all arrivals.”