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The police are there to help and assist you and you are able to approach them if you are a victim of crime, see a crime happening, or for general assistance, for example if you are lost. If you need the police because of a crime, then you need to remember the following numbers:

  • 999 – this is the number to call you you have an emergency, for example if you are a victim of a crime or see a crime taking place. When you call, say you need to speak to the police, as this is also the number to call an ambulance or if there is a fire.
  • 101 – this is the number to call for less urgent situations, for example to give police information about a crime, if your property has been damaged, or any general enquiries.

You can also report a crime completely anonymously via a charity called Crimestoppers. If you have been affected by crime, you may be able to access support via Victim Support.

The police takes hate crime seriously and will record any crime as a hate crime where the victim or any other person perceives it was motivated by hostility or prejudice towards their identity. True Vision is a hate crime information and reporting service, where you can find details on how to report hate crime across the country.

Fire Services

You should also call 999 to contact Fire and Rescue Service in case of an emergency. No matter how small the fire, it is recommended to call the number so the Fire Brigade can deal with it. Small fires can spread quickly and the smoke can be toxic. More information on fire safety: