Training for ESOL Volunteers

A variety of free, online training sessions for ESOL volunteer teachers.

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Title​​Content​​Dates and times ​(choose 1)​
Zoom for Beginners​​Open a Zoom account​​
Schedule a meeting​​
Share screen​​
Use chat box​​
​6pm – 7pm​
​2pm – 3pm​
Google and Padlet for ​ESOL​Try some google tools​
Explore and use Padlet​
​1pm – 2pm​
​10.30am – 11.30am​
Tips and resources for​ face to face and online ESOL sessions​​10 ways with flash cards​​
Talk English resources​​
Session structure​
Excellence Gateway​​
6pm – 7.30pm​
​10am – 11.30​am
Explore ‘Word Wall’​​​Make a resource​
Switch a template​
Bookmark others’ resources​
Edit Others’ resources​
​2pm – 3pm​
6pm – 7pm​
Power point slides ​for beginners​​Make your own Power point sides​
Tips for making slides for ESOL sessions​

Training For Volunteer ESOL Teachers – handout