Domestic Abuse during COVID-19

Police 999

During lockdown measures it may be difficult to speak on the phone to advise the police of instances of abuse without being heard and risking further harm. The silent solution system is for those in an emergency who require police help but can not speak. After dialing 999 from a mobile phone you will be prompted to press 55 to access the silent solution system. The operator will then ask a series of yes and no questions that can be responded to using the keypad.  Silent solution is not available on landlines. Further information can be found here.
The government has updated guidance for during COVID-19, Domestic Abuse Injunctions can be applied for remotely. Details of how to apply can be found here.

National Domestic Abuse Hotline

The National Domestic Abuse Hotline is a freephone number 0808 2000 247, they can provide advice and support for victims of domestic abuse. Their website  has lots of advice and guidance for victims of domestic abuse including the option of online chat for those that do not want to be heard on the phone. The website and chat have a quick exit button that instantly changes the page to google should the victim fear the perpetrator is approaching

Bright Sky App

The bright sky app should only be downloaded to phones if it is safe to do so and there is no risk of the perpetrator accessing the device. The app can help record instances of abuse and provides information and guidance alongside linking in to local services.  Information about Bright Sky can be found here.


Chayn provides information, advice and online chat in other languages including Arabic and French. They can offer advice on building a case, wellbeing and confidence building. You can visit the Chayn website here. Chayn also offers the quick exit button.


Safelives have put together guidance specific to experiencing domestic abuse during COVID-19, it can be found at In addition safelives offer a wealth of resources, including information on MARAC’s and DASH risk assessments. Safelives offer the quick exit screen.

Muslim Womens Network

The Muslim Womens Network offer a range of help and guidance, including around Domestic Abuse. In addition they offer help and services around issues such as FGM and forced marriage. There is an online chat option on the website which can be found here there are quick exit and hide my visit options on the MWN website.

Surviving Economic Abuse

Surviving Economic Abuse have produced a guide for during COVID-19 measures including, how to spot signs of financial abuse during COVID-19, economic abuse and coronavirus and how banks can help during the outbreak. Information can be found on their website  which again has the quick exit screen.


Respect works with perpetrators and male victims of domestic abuse. Respect have put together specific information and access to services during COVID-19 that can be found here