Migrant Help Commissioning Framework – third procurement round now open

The Commissioning Framework is a framework of charities and organisations commissioned by Migrant Help to deliver services in relation to the AIRE asylum support contract. Migrant Help are looking for organisations who have experience of assisting vulnerable refugees and vulnerable adult asylum seekers to help deliver outreach services on a spot purchase basis.

Examples of potential services could include:

  • New asylum support applications
  • Change of circumstances for existing supported applicants.
  • Assisting with positive and negative move on

Please note that advisers will need to be willing to undergo CTC and DBS checks. OISC is required for assistance with asylum support applications, change of circumstances and negative move on – however, this will not be required for advisers to assist with positive move on.

Any work under the AIRE contract must be delivered by paid members of staff only.

Interested organisations can apply to join the framework through the Delta eSourcing portal.

If you have any questions relating to the Commissioning Framework, you can contact Migrant Help’s National Outreach Manager Nicola Davies by email at Nicola.Davies@migranthelpuk.org.