Housing for Refugee Inclusion – SHARE Network Regional Conference


March 6-8, 2019




Vienna, Austria



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The event, organised within the frame of the SHARE Network, will bring together a range of local, regional and national government actors, as well as civil society, from across Europe to explore successful approaches to addressing housing-related challenges. The conference will include panel presentations of good practices, interactive working groups and a study visit to better understand strong approaches in practice.

Key issues for discussion include:

  • When tasked with providing housing for asylum seekers and refugees (including those who arrive through resettlement, sponsorship or other legal pathways), what are the respective advantages and challenges of private/market-based housing compared to social housing?
  • How best to create housing for groups with special needs, such as refugees with disabilities, large families, single individuals and unaccompanied minors?
  • What opportunities and challenges exist for housing in rural areas and smaller communities compared to larger, urban areas?
  • How can practitioners support refugees to overcome barriers to accessing private housing?

Participation is limited to 30 spots and will be open to mixed delegations of government and civil society. To register your interest, visit the link above and complete the form.