Refugee Week 2018


18-24 June 2018




Across the North West



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Refugee Week takes place every year across the world in the week around World Refugee Day on the 20 June.

It started in 1998 and is an established part of the UK’s cultural calendar. It is now one of the leading national programmes to counter negative views about refugees.

The aims of Refugee Week are:

  • Encourage a range of events
  • To show the talent and expertise that refugees bring with them to the UK
  • To explore new and creative ways of talking about the issues
  • To provide information which educates and raises awareness of the reality of refugee experiences

The primary aim is to create better understanding between different communities and to encourage successful integration.

Past events have included arts festivals, exhibitions, film screenings, theatre and dance performances, concerts, football tournaments and public talks, as well as creative and educational activities in schools.